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All our amazing volunteers; Stroud District Council (especially Rachel Andrews, Hannah Eaton, Lottie Parry, Mark Graham, Gordon Buchanon); Stroud Town Council (especially Helen Bojaniwska), Gloucestershire County Council, Gloucestershire Police and Fire Service (Nick Battye); Stroud Tourist Of ce; Gerb at The Farmers Market; Andrew Watton; Stroud Life; Stroud News & Journal; Candia McKormack; Jeannie Etherton at Lansdown Hall & Gallery; Greg Pilley and Chloe Brooks at Stroud Brewery; D&B Audiotechnik (Joe Wise, Oggi, Chris Drew); Mike Johnson at Af nity; Rich Burge at City Safe; Andy Element and the all team at Wye Security; Stroud Marquees; Space Intense; George Sandilands and Mark Herringer at Okoru; Fleurs de Rue; Pete at James & Owen; Hayley Walters at Get Casual; Josh Malcolm, Setminds
Ltd; Tammy Lynn Photography; Helen Rogers; Laura Eley; Freddie Whittaker; Daisy-Lou Miles; Ruby Stephens; Chris Head; Lee James; Mel Trievnor; Fleur Alvares; Ella Hoskin; Alisha Kyne; Sally Holditch; Lis Parker; Alex Merry; Neil Wilson; Tom Berry; Will Cookson; Hannah McDonnell; Mary Holditch; Rupert Howe; Miles Connolly; Jack Hawkins; Aine Thomas; and more... apologies to all those we have missed, exhaustion is our only excuse!
All the shopkeepers and venues in town that make Stroud such an amazing place the whole year round!
Special thanks to Alex Hobbis &
Adam Hinks at Good on Paper - for all their support and for putting together this fabulous programme and to Tom Callan de Brabant for being generally all-round ace!

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