Photography & videography policy

In this Policy and its Procedures, the term “Stroud Fringe Team” or “Stroud Fringe staff and volunteers” refers to any person who the Directors of Stroud Fringe CIC have appointed to help deliver events/exhibitions/activities, whether volunteer or paid.

This Policy and its Procedures rely on members of the public being made aware that photographs/videorecordings are being made throughout the Stroud Fringe Festival.

Notices/announcements informing the public, must leave no aspect of ‘reasonable doubt’
Policy ratified by the Stroud Fringe CIC Directors on April 25 2016 Signed:

  1. Photographs or video-recordings taken during Stroud Fringe by members of the Stroud Fringe Team, by any photographer/ videographer on behalf of Stroud Fringe, or by any third parties volunteering or working with Stroud Fringe, which may be used for the purposes of advertising or promotion, must be captured as per this Policy and its Procedures
  2. All Contracts and Agreements with photographers/videographers or third parties will require a signature, or tick, to state both understanding of, and agreement with, those clauses of this Policy and its Procedures which apply to their activities in respect of the capturing, storage and use of images, thus ensuring that methods are uniform throughout
  3. A primary intention of this Policy and its Procedures is to make it evident to the public that photographs/video-recordings are being taken during the festival
  4. All photographers/videographers or third parties, whether voluntary or paid, who contract with Stroud Fringe Festival 2016 are required to make their photography/video-recording evident to the public in line with this Policy
  5. All photographers/videographers or third parties, whether voluntary or paid, who contract with Stroud Fringe Festival 2016 are also required to ensure that any images which identify children by close-up or name are taken only where express permission has been given by a parent, carer or responsible adult in charge of the child(ren), to use those images only as agreed with Stroud Fringe Directors and to hold those images on secure file for no longer than three years following the event
  6. Directors will regularly review the effectiveness of this Policy and its Procedures
  1. The Stroud Fringe website will state prominently, that photographs, and possibly video-recordings, will be made at all Stroud Fringe Events, which may be used to report the festival and in future promote Stroud Fringe
  2. Statements in regard to the same will be included in the Stroud Fringe Programme, in the terms and conditions, at the entrance to venues or prominently at locations and any other appropriate places
  3. Stroud Fringe sign(s) notifying the public of photography/videography will be designed to be seen and read easily, even when the area where it is sited is very busy
  4. Wherever possible and reasonable, in venues or outside, reminder announcements will be made to state that photographs and/or video-recordings will be taken during events
  5. Where possible, members of the Stroud Fringe team will suggest to those who do not wish to appear in photographs/videos that they move out of the area or turn away so as not to be included or not to be identifiable.
  6. Where a sign has been prominently displayed or where an announcement has been made, it is the responsibility of those who do not wish to be photographed/video-recorded for the purpose stated to move; it is not up to the Stroud Fringe team to make special arrangements
  7. Those photographing/videoing on behalf of Stroud Fringe will ensure that they wear identification, agree to provide evidence of a current enhanced DBS check and sign the Photographers Agreement
  8. Those photographing/video-recording street activities such as the parade will ensure that they, and their equipment, can be easily seen
  9. Contributing visual artists will agree to display a statement about photography/videography at the entrance to their exhibitions
  10. Those taking close images of a specific, identifiable child /children will
    1. obtain express permission of the parent/carer/responsible adult in attendance including his/her relationship to the child
    2. obtain the child’s name, age and town of residence for PR purposes
    3. obtain the adult’s name and contact details, together with an assurance that s/he has gained permissions from parents for the children in his/her charge to be photographed/video-recorded
  11. Those photographing/video-recording may hand out their own contact details to allow people to get in touch for copies, but must not take contact details from members of the public, regardless of age

  12. Where the subject/s of images taken at the festival request a copy, it should be made available to them free of charge. Photographers/videographers may give out their own contact details for this purpose, but must not use the festival as a platform for self-promotion or to generate other business

  13. Where a member of the public objects to an image having been taken which includes them or their child, the photographer/videographer must respect that request, delete the image or take other appropriate action to reassure the member of the public that the image will not be used

  14. Any member of the Stroud Fringe Team, photographer/videographer or third party volunteering or working with Stroud Fringe who has images of specific, identifiable children must undertake to hold those images securely and not to use, display or pass them on without permission from Stroud Fringe Directors

  15. All photographs of specific, identifiable children may be held or used with permission for a maximum of 4 years after which further permissions must be sought or the photographs/videos must be permanently deleted, with no copies made.

Policy ratified by the Stroud Fringe CIC Directors on April 25 2016. Signed: Lotte Lyster, Julie Howe.
Policy to be reviewed April 2017