Health & safety policy

To be read in conjunction with ‘Stroud Fringe Safeguarding Policy’. * A member of the “Stroud Fringe Team” is any person who Stroud Fringe has appointed to help deliver events/exhibitions/activities, whether volunteer or paid

POLICY STATEMENTS: Stroud Fringe will work with reference to Health & Safety laws in the preparation for and delivery of Stroud Fringe Festival 2016 and will seek guidance from the Health & Safety Executive, local fire and rescue services, local police and health authorities, Stroud Town Council, Stroud District Council and other agencies who support the safety and security of activities in the town of Stroud.

Stroud Fringe will appoint a Festival Safety Officer (FSO), who will prepare a ‘Event Management Plan’ which will risk assess Stroud Fringe activities, its duties to the public and the Stroud Fringe team*.

During preparation for and delivery of Stroud Fringe Festival 2016, Stroud Fringe will provide adequate control of the health and safety risks arising from its activities by,
All members of the Stroud Fringe Team* are required to:
Policy ratified by the Stroud Fringe CIC Directors on April 25 2016

  • following the requirements and recommendations of the ‘Event Management Plan’ provided by the FSO and agreed by the Trustee/Directors
  • ensuring that the risk assessments made by those who contract to make sales to the public at Stroud Fringe or take part as artists, both meet their needs and Stroud Fringe risk assessments
  • working closely with venues to supplement their risk assessments as necessary
  • ensuring that guidance/fire/warning/prohibitive/Health &Safety notices and statements of insurance are displayed and drawn to public attention where required
  • providing information, instruction or supervision as necessary to the Stroud Fringe team* consulting with volunteer team leaders on matters affecting volunteers’ health and safety providing guidance on dealing with the public
  • ensuring that any equipment provided by Stroud Fringe is checked to industry standard reviewing and revising this Policy as necessary at regular intervals
  • Overall and final responsibility for Health & Safety rests with the Directors of Stroud Fringe CIC
  • Preparation of the Event Management Plan is delegated to the FSO in liaison the Stroud Fringe Directors During preparation, the FSO will pass risk assessments to the Stroud Fringe Directors
  • The briefing and/or training of principal team members on Health & Safety during the preparation for and delivery of the Stroud Fringe Festival 2016 will be overseen by the Stroud Fringe Directors in liaison with the FSO
  • £10m Employer Liability Insurance will be taken out, specifying volunteers
  • £10m Public and Products Liability Insurance will be taken out listing all aspects of Stroud Fringe Festival 2016
  • Stroud Fringe will require all those who contract to make sales to the public or take part as artists to carry insurance which covers all aspects of their activities at Stroud Fringe and will specify this in their contracts
  • co-operate with the Stroud Fringe Directors and FSO on all matters of Health & Safety
  • make themselves aware of the contents of H&S notices/information sheets/emails received
  • familiarise themselves with all notices displayed in venues where they are representing Stroud Fringe and ensure they are able to explain them to members of the public and implement them as required
  • ensure they are familiar with the evacuation procedures for venues where they are representing Stroud Fringe make themselves available for any Health & Safety training sessions required
  • take reasonable care of their own health and safety
  • report all Health & Safety concerns to their team leader or a Stroud Fringe Director
  • make notes of all accidents/incidents at the time and agree the wording of the entry made by the Safeguarding Officer in the Stroud Fringe Accident/Incident Book

Policy ratified by the Stroud Fringe CIC Directors on April 25 2016. Signed: Lotte Lyster, Julie Howe.
Policy to be reviewed April 2017