Festival rules

For the enjoyment and safety of all visitors, Stroud Fringe would kindly ask you to read and agree to the following rules: l Pets are not allowed on site except guide dogs (on arrival owners and their guide dogs should inform someone at Welcome and/or Information).
  • Strictly no drugs or drug paraphernalia on site except for medical purposes. Anyone found in possession of drugs will be evicted from the site and refused further entry to the event. Furthermore, all drug-related incidents will be dealt with by our Chief Stewarding Team and the Police will be called at the stewards’ discretion. This includes the possession of nitrous oxide and other ‘legal highs’.
  • No alcohol to be brought on the site at any time.
  • Smoking is not permitted inside or near buildings, marquees or individual tents at any time.
  • Any aggressive behaviour may result in you being asked to leave the event site immediately.
  • No crossing into any area that has been marked out of bounds by red and white tape or crowd barriers. Stroud Fringe cannot be held responsible for loss or damage to persons or personal property.
  • Please make sure you know the position of your nearest fire point.

INFORMATION POINT - Bank Gardens main entrance. Printed programmes will be available and collection of lost and found items.

PUBLIC TOILETS - Are available throughout the town, and clearly marked on our programme map - please use them.

LOST CHILDREN - In the event that you become separated from a child in your care please let a steward know immediately. They will take details and ensure that all site staff are made aware. Found children will be taken to the first aid tent in Bank Gardens.

PARKING - Parking is abundant in Stroud but some access may be restricted during the festival - please check on the district council website for more information.

SECURITY - Members of the security team are always available on Festival grounds, or ask a Festival volunteer wearing a hi-vis tabard for help.

WET CONTINGENCY - In case of severe weather, an announcement will be made at each of the stages and throughout indoor venues and you will be advised of the nearest place to seek shelter.


  • If you are lucky enough to look under 21, you may be asked to prove that you are over 18 before purchasing alcohol.
  • It is against the law for an individual under the age of 18 years of age to purchase alcohol. It is a criminal offence for any individual to purchase alcohol on behalf of someone who is under 18. It is a criminal offence to sell alcohol to persons under 18. Alcohol will only be sold to individuals who are able to produce appropriate identification proving that they are aged 18 or over. The only acceptable identification is a passport, photo driving licence, a card bearing the official PASS hologram or any other identification acceptable to the police.
  • If a sale is made to a person under 18, the person buying, the cashier selling, the designated premises supervisor and the owner of the business commit an offence.
  • Penalties for failure to comply with the above are as follows:
  • The maximum penalty for persons committing any of these offences is a fine of £5000.
  • The retailer’s licence to sell alcohol may be at risk.
  • The Festival’s licence may be at risk.


NO GLASS POLICY - No glass bottles, vessels or glasses are allowed on the Festival site for the safety of all and to comply with the above licensing requirements.

RISK OF FIRE - Please do not bring Chinese Lanterns or fireworks, they will be confiscated.

CHILDREN - Children under 14 years should be accompanied by a responsible adult. In the event of children destroying straw bales or spoiling the enjoyment of others, the children and their parent or guardian will be asked to leave.