An energetic mix of funk, reggae, ska, latin, jazz and rock



In the summer of 2014, after touring and discovering the musical vibe of Belgium, the British based musician, Saulo Soneghet, decided to start a new project in Ghent. In the UK, he found the young undiscovered talents, Adam Wilson and Luke ‘Chilli”, who have been touring the streets of Britain for the past year. Together they formed the band Vagabundos, and after a few performances, they decided to adventure themselves into the Genste Feesten 2014. After a few months performing in the area with different musicians, they met Simon Zweers, Luna Boone and Woodie, consolidating the band formation. With incredibly energetic concerts, their popularity rapidly grew, gathering a great amount of followers from places where they’ve been passing by. With such multi-cultural and international background, Vagabundos developed a unique style, bringing together a mixture of rhythms like Funk, Reggae, Ska, Latin Jazz and Rock. In March 2015, they released their first EP, entitled ‘Never Beg A Beggar’, featuring important local artists like Peter Boone, Alex Dardenne and Lizzy De Schutter. With the success of their disc, they have performed in over 100 concerts along the year 2015 and 2016, touring all over Belgium and overseas, in countries like UK and Brazil. They have already gathered thousands of fans, making appearances in stages of great expression in Belgium like Copacobana Festival, Gentse Feesten, Na Fir Bolg, Bal-a-Deuse, Kokopelli, etc.

In May 2017, Vagabundos released a full length album entitled ‘Libido’. Their new show brings you their best mixture of textures and sounds, from psychodelic moods to energetic dancing music.



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