Artists films showing art being made ft. Stanley Donwood, John Wood and Paul Harrison, Joe Magee and more…



In the magnificent interior of Stroud’s St Laurence’s Church, Good On Paper, in collaboration with award winning illustrator and film maker Joe Magee, present the screening of a series of short films that show the process of art being made. You will be given a fascinating glimpse into the studios of a wide range of artists from young locals to superstars such as Picasso - and can watch them at work as paintings, drawings and sculptures emerge from nothing - often using intriguing techniques and elaborate performances. Joe: “I tried to pick a good variety of interesting work covering many decades. These films are so engaging and often quite mesmerising. It’s a privileged position to observe the differing approaches of painters - for example some splash paint around in a frenzy, whilst others are considered and meticulous. You really see the artist’s ’struggle’. Most of the films are just a few minutes and all are very entertaining - and some very humorous.” Artists who can be seen at work include Stanley Donwood (Radiohead artist), performance artists John Wood and Paul Harrison, Joe Magee, Moina Walker, Picasso, John Cage, Kandinsky, Ushio Shinohara, Matisse, Paul McCarthy and many others…


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