GOAN DOGS sound like a scene straight out of a Tarantino Movie



Inspired by Americana, African and cinematic imagery, the quintet hone in on narratives of lust and loss with their distinctive five-part harmonies. Emotion and effort are the key ingredientshere, with songs taking months, rather than weeks, to be at the place where GOAN DOGS want them to be. They craft space to breathe and room to move. Being proud members of the eclectic Bristol music scene, GOAN DOGS sit alongside the city’s musical offerings, providing idiosyncratic tales masquerading as four minute pop songs. They consistently bring a dramatic air to their live shows – no matter what the capacity or venue - their enthusiasm and energy is continuously presented. Great showmanship fills the space whilst flashing lights envelop silhouettes of closed eyes and swaying heads. The audience become hooked and their arms rise into the air as the infectious rhythm and brass sections erupt throughout the set. Working together for well over half a decade, these songs aren’t dictated by a egotistical frontman or a guitarist with a need for the limelight. First and foremost, GOAN DOGS are best friends, with each member bringing something unique and beneficial to the music-making process. Bill Sherwood’s air for living in the moment; Sam Kynan Powell’s copious amounts of enthusiasm; Dan

Lane’s rhythmical prowess; Theo Mackie’s persuasive tendencies and Luke St Leger’s poetic talents all come together to allow GOAN DOGS’ musical storm to reach new heights.



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