Alternative folk pop



Emaline Delapaix is an Australian singer, composer and musician who lives in Berlin Germany with her big orange Canadian cat Reece. She spends a lot of time writing intense folk pop for piano, acoustic guitar, celtic harp and sometimes whatever else she has lying about the place. Some say she sounds a little like Kate Bush or Tori Amos, but she also loves a lot of Scandinavian music: music that invokes the weather like storms and warm sunsets.

​Emaline’s lyrics explore the human condition and thought provoking topics such as depression, animal rights, feminism, sexuality as well as love, ​nature​ and adventure out on the open road​​.​

After a difficult year of illness and depression, in 2010 Emaline ​ decided to​ ​ quit her day job in Toronto Canada, moving to an isolated fixed caravan in rural Eastern Germany close to the Polish border ​ where she taught herself to play 3 instruments and lived for a year and half before settling in Berlin as a professional musician.

Since that time she has performed over ​500 shows all over Germany, Europe, Australia and Canada, creating a dedicated following and becoming well known for her raw and passionate live performances.

​In Spring ​ 2015, she made her film debut as a silent narrator and ​composer ​for ​the Arte German/French Television documentary ​ ‘Helden der Zukunft’​ (Heroes of Tomorrow​), an environmental film set in the future looking back on the current crises we are facing today. Aside from music, Emaline is also a vegan and animal activist who regularly gives a % of her CD sales to local animal shelters while out on the road.



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