Expect soul, funk, latin as well as feel good hip hop



​One of the most respected DJs/producers from these shores who truly embodies the spirit of hip hop. His DJ sets are renowned for their boundary-crossing selection of funk, soul, rock and hip hop and he’s built a solid reputation for rocking a party. His debut album ‘Music for the Mature B-Boy’ from 2003 is a certified classic - an album of soulful, funk-fuelled hip hop packed with infectious beats and lyrical dexterity. He’s collaborated with many including Chali 2na of Jurassic 5, Abdominal, Edan, NYC Latin label Fania, recorded a FabricLive mix and toured with DJ Shadow! “I’ll be playing lots of energetic soul, funk and Latin music from the late ‘60s and early ‘70s, plus some feel-good hip hop from the early ‘90s. I like to find the balance between playing classic records that people know and love, and playing records that are unknown to most people. I like to dig a bit deeper than your average DJ and hopefully introduce people to records they’ve never heard of before but will instantly love! In my experience, a block party is great fun because everyone’s already excited to be at a free outdoor party. There’s something about the words ‘free’ and ‘party’ that puts people in a great mood - ha ha! It gives me a chance to win over a new audience who might not normally consider listening to a so-called ‘hip hop DJ’ play all kinds of soulful music - that’s a challenge I like.”



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