Beautiful songs from the soul from this eccentric Londoner. Perfection.



All aboard Alessi’s Ark for a fourth studio album Love Is The Currency, released on 27th October.

An album of self-discovery and a call to self-realisation Love Is The Currency is epitomised by lead track Cut The Cord,

“The core theme of ‘Love is the Currency’ is our limitless ability to heal one another though music, healthy love, healing frequencies and working through previously unprocessed grief.”says Alessi, explaining the driving force of her new album. “With Cut The Cord, I wanted to make a song that could encourage people to save themselves from fear and the grip of toxicity’s many guises.”

Produced by long term Maccabees engineer Jago Jago, and written in large part with Will White (brother of Maccabees’ Felix and Hugo), Alessi describes her new album as a “family affair”, blessed with the care of many friends and brothers. Jago Jago’s brother Memby appears on drums throughout the album, and Felix White - who’s recommendation brought Alessi, Jag and Will together - plays guitar on the single Wives.


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