Equal opportunities & diversity policy

In this Policy and its Procedures, the term “Stroud Fringe staff and volunteers” refers to any person who Stroud Fringe has appointed to help deliver events/exhibitions/activities, whether volunteer or paid, and all relevant contractors.
  • Stroud Fringe values difference, and recognises the benefits that different backgrounds and outlooks bring
  • A copy of the Stroud Fringe policy statement will be made available to those applying for both paid vacancies and volunteering opportunities
  • All Stroud Fringe staff and volunteers will be asked and expected to support this Policy and its Procedures

Stroud Fringe will not discriminate against Stroud Fringe team members, volunteers, anyone performing or exhibiting at Stroud Fringe or any member of the public on the grounds of gender, sexual orientation, disability or impairment, age, race, creed, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin, trade union activity, HIV or marital status, religion or belief. MBF recognises that people may have criminal records and may be reluctant to apply for paid posts or volunteering roles where they would be required to disclose details of their record. Having a criminal record which has no bearing on the role being offered will not necessarily be a bar to working or volunteering with Stroud Fringe and this will be made clear to all who are asked to undertake a DBS disclosure to work or volunteer at Stroud Fringe.

Policy ratified by the Stroud Fringe CIC Directors on April 25 2016

  • Stroud Fringe will always strive to look beyond its existing group, so it is not seen as a clique or excluding others
  • Stroud Fringe will publicise its opportunities across cultural boundaries wherever possible
  • Stroud Fringe will make its Equal Opportunities Statement available on its website
Policy ratified by the Stroud Fringe CIC Directors on April 25 2016. Signed: Lotte Lyster, Julie Howe.
Policy to be reviewed April 2017